Why Apple may be better than Samsung?

No, this is not another iOS vs Android war.

This is a Apple company vs Samsung Company war!!!

A Short War

Putting everything into consideration:

Apple’s Mac books, iPads, iWatch, iPhones, Airpods, iTunes Store to Samsung’s Laptops, Galaxies, Galaxy Watches, all their smartphones, Earbuds, Gadgets and accessories, Galaxy store.

Starting with Samsung, they have got a whole lot more products in the market as they have invested into a  lot of gadgets and accessories. They have also been around in the Nigerian market since 2000s and have gathered fans and built a reputation that is set higher than other Android smartphones that have operated in the country.

Apple, on the other hand, came into the markets later in 2009 after the discontinuation of the 1st generation of the iPhone series. In the country today the iPhone is not just an amazing and expensive device but it is a symbol of wealth and influence and same goes for its other product. If you’ve got a pair of Apple Airpods, iWatch, and/or a Macbook, you are likened to an elite.

Does this prove much?

Which of the reputation wins the war? The Brand for the general public or the Brand for the elites? We’ll let you decide. Tell us what you think in the comment section.


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