iTel ITW-60 Earbuds: Ergonomically Designed Just For You

Hi there, one minute please, I’ve got to charge my new iTel earbuds, I’ve had it in my ears for almost three hours now. LOL.

Alright, moving on.

iTel is a well-known brand in  Africa. It has continued to deliver the best-featured smartphones and gadgets at the lowest budget possible. Early in October this year(2020), iTel did a brand relaunch unveiling her new products. One of the latest accessories from the company is the iTel ITW-60 earbuds. The truly wireless earbuds add to the increasing number of accessories from several mobile brands.

Here are some Quick PROs and CONs for the hurrying readers


  • Quality Sound
  • Comfortable and Fashionable design
  • Good Price Tag
  • Almost Immediate Bluetooth Connection
  • Average of 33 feet
  • Adequately sensitive touch sensor


  • No Gesture Controls
  • Sweat and Water Resistance

Want some more details? Read on!



The ITW-60 earbuds are available in Nigeria on Jumia and in all offline stores at a price range of #7,500 to #10,000.

Several features make the TWS earbuds a favorable choice and a couple of factors that slightly misses the mark. This detailed review discusses the scorecard of the iTel earbuds and helps choose whether this is right for you or not.

First, Let’s do the unboxing!!!

As seen above, the packaging comes with the:

  • Earbuds Charging Case
  • Left and Right Earbuds
  • A very detailed User Manual
  • A USB Charger


Ergonomic Design for a super comfortable usage:

The first time I put the ITW-60 earbuds in my ears, the very first thing I enjoyed was how it sat perfectly without any effort. It felt very light, almost like there was nothing in my ears. That was quite impressive, big Kudos to iTel there.

I have seen many true wireless earbuds and most of them have failed in their designs, with several problems of the earbuds falling off or never really staying in place. But with the new iTel ITW-60 earbuds, you can never have all that problem it sits perfectly in your ears.

The design of the earbuds is starking similar to the original Apple AirPods. We’ve seen plenty of similarly-designed earbuds, including the Realme Buds Air. The iTel earbuds also join the list with a similar white charging case and a pair of TWS earbuds. Also, the charging case is lightweight (weighs 31g) and can easily slip inside your pocket to carry around if you need to.
itel-review-techsyrubAnother aspect I liked about the itel earbuds is how it snugs comfortably to your ears. With this pair, the size of your ears doesn’t matter as it sits comfortably, irrespective of that. Most of the time, it’s either too tight for small ears or falls out of large ears. But here, I found it was quite alright for different ear types. Also, I couldn’t help but notice that the itel ITW-60 also aids in making a fashion statement. The sleek TWS earbuds are in vouge presently and this pair of earbuds are perfect for that. Whether you’re taking the metro or going for a walk, the itel ITW-60 merge fashion and comfort.

May Not Be suitable For Intense Workout:

Many of us love to listen to music while going for long runs or strength training in the gym. As the earbuds sit comfortably in the ear, it will do well for your early morning jogs but it might not be totally suitable for a full-time workout at the gym or for use by athletes. I would advise against wearing the ITW-60 for an intense workout session. The earbuds are perfect for light strolls in the park or to wear while you’re doing simple tasks like cleaning or cooking but not the perfect companion for doing jumping jacks.

This is because, it might drop out of your ears. Yes, it fits snuggly into your ears, but that’s only if you have minimal physical activity. If you’re heading out for a run, the earbuds might fall out in the first few steps. Secondly, the earbuds don’t have any certification to make it sweatproof. So even if you manage to have the earbuds in place for your workout session, long exposure to sweat will damage it as the company did not make any claim for moisture resistance.

Amazing Connectivity:

The Bluetooth connectivity range is super dope, it goes as far as 10m in open space. The spectacular thing is how it seamlessly reconnects right back when you come back within range. I can finally dance around the room on a video call with my ….(why are you being so nosy). LOL

Easy, Sensitive Controls

TWS earbuds require to have a very sensitive touch or gesture controls as it drops wires and support for physical buttons. The itel ITW-60 earbuds score well when it comes to the sensitivity of the controls. As with all other controls, you might need some time to get a hang of it. Two taps pause/start the music and a single tap answers the call and double-tapping end it – on either of the earbuds. The volume controls are split between the earbuds, where increasing the volume is done on the right earbud and the decreasing is controlled on the left. Changing tracks is also similar, the next track is controlled on the right ear and the previous track can be played via the left earbud.

Additionally, the pairing of the earbuds with your smartphone is done swiftly without much hassle. The Bluetooth v5.0 embedded in the earbuds are one of the plus points of the earbuds. For those comfortable using gesture controls, the itel ITW-60 might be a disappointment. There is no gesture support on the earbuds for any controls. Also, you can get the voice assistant only when the music is turned off, or else, it’ll simply skip to the next track!

Crystal Clear Audio Performance

Coming to the performance of the itel ITW-60 earbuds, I must say it’s pretty good. There’s no mention of active or passive noise cancellation, but the earbuds certainly filter out all external noise, especially at a mid-volume level. There’s also no mention of bass, which is another drawback. Instead, the earbuds offer a 3D Sound, which is pretty great. For the asking price, the itel ITW-60 earbuds offer clear audio output. Answering calls is also seamless with the earbuds. Some of the earbuds I’ve used before like the Zebronics Zeb-Soul or the Blaupunkt BTW Pro earbuds were quite uncomfortable and difficult to use for calls, requiring me to switch to the phone’s audio. On the other hand, the itel ITW-60 is crystal clear when it comes to calls. Video calls, particularly, is something that can be enjoyed with the TWS earbuds as it surpasses the hassles of a wired earphone and gives you privacy during your video calls. Be it calls or music playback, the experience is enjoyable on these earbuds.

Good Battery Life

When it comes to TWS earbuds, having a good battery is another important factor to consider. The iTel ITW-60 earbuds pack a 35 mAh battery each and draw power from the 500 mAh battery case. The company claims this battery should easily last up to two-and-a-half hours of music playback and up to three hours of talk time. It also says the earbuds can last up to 35 hours of standby time. The company notes the battery case requires up to three hours to fully charge. On the whole, I agree with most of the company claims. The music playback indeed stays for more than two hours. This would also depend on certain factors especially the volume of the earbuds being on them.

When not in use, I would put it back in the case, which would again refuel the earbuds for further use. Speaking of the case, this too requires roughly three hours to completely charge, which syncs with the company claims. The charging case is tiny and compact with three LED indicators for the battery. The blue LED indicators begin blinking when the battery is low, starting with one indicator at a time. You can also see a tiny LED indicator on the earbuds. When you put the earbuds in the charging case, it switched to red to indicate charging in process. Once you pull it out, you’ll see a steady blue color that indicates power is on and there’s fuel to continue your audio playback.

Tech Syrub’s Verdict for the iTel ITW-60 Earbuds:

In one phrase; Go For It!

The itel TWS-60 earbuds have more to offer than just comfortable design and easy controls. It’s easy to use and pairs swiftly with your smartphone, and also offers a good long-lasting battery. More importantly, the earbuds offer an enhanced audio experience making it a perfect companion to watch Netflix on your phone or answer calls or simply for music playback. At the same time, there’s some tough competition for the itel ITW-60 earbuds. Similarly priced earbuds from Realme, Noise, Jabra, and other audio brands build a tough battle for the itel earbuds. Nevertheless, if you’re looking for a pair of affordable TWS earbuds that’s comfortable to wear, has a powerful battery, and offers a good audio experience – the itel ITW-60 is a favorable choice to go for.

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