5 Things you didn’t know about Whatsapp

Everyone knows Whatsapp; the number one app that replaces traditional SMS; however do you know these about Whatsapp?

1. Whatsapp carefully sends a message by its arrangement of emojis.

I’m sure not everyone knows about this;

2. You can Hide your phone number when using WhatsApp.

You’ll need two SIM cards for this (preferably your current SIM and an older one), but if you’re paranoid about people seeing your phone number on WhatsApp, it’s worth it.

* Insert the old SIM and activate WhatsApp on it.

* Replace the SIM with the new one.

* When prompted, choose to go with the old number on WhatsApp.

Now nobody will be able to get your current number if they have you on WhatsApp.

Mind you, certain countries tend to put unused SIM cards back into circulation, so if you want to keep that old number, it might be a good idea to insert the old SIM into an old handset.

3. Use a ~cool~ typewriter font to impress your friends/crush.

Go to the punctuations tab on your chat, and enclose your message with three of the ` character on either side. 

(It’s on the second page of punctuation marks for Android users, while iPhone users can find it by long-pressing the apostrophe character)

* Send the message, and it’ll go through in a typewriter font.

* Say things like “Aaaaaa I just know deez tings, fam” when someone asks you how in blazes you did that shit.

4. See who has read your message on a group chat, and when they’ve read it.

All you have to do is left-swipe on any message you’ve sent to a group chat, and you’ll get a list of who has read the messages, and at what time. Even if everyone’s deactivated their read receipts.

So talk to people only on groups. Screw those people who deactivate everything

5. Prevent photos and videos on WhatsApp from taking over your phone storage (and your goddamn life).

Click “Settings” on the bottom right of your WhatsApp screen.

* Click on “Data and Storage Usage”.

* On the “Media Auto-Download” tab, select “Never” for photos, audio, videos, and documents (or whichever ones you prefer).

Now, instead of auto-downloading, you can choose which media to download simply by clicking on it when someone sends it to you. This also saves you a shit-ton of data.

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