Top 10 iPhone features that are not available on Android devices.

Android and iOS are two very different operating systems and pretty much different from one another, there are certain features of Android which you don’t have on iPhone and vice versa. We are listing some interesting iPhone features, that simply don’t exist on Android devices. Well we know in some cases we can have third-party alternatives, but we all talk about the built-in features.

iCloud Lock

The fact that when you log into your iPhone you basically attach your iCloud account to it so if someone steals your phone and even if they reset your iPhone they still have to provide your login credentials to be able to ever use it again whereas that is not the case with Android you can do a lot of stuff like wipe the ROM, do a hard factory reset whatever, start using the phone again. Whereas an iPhone Apple has put a lot of work into making it secure. iPhones that are stolen are not worth as much as they would if you could just completely reset it and start using it so this is definitely an advantage and no equivalent on Android yet.


This is one of the most obvious ones, that little blue bubble you get when you receive a message. You simply don’t get when you message someone on Android. iMessage has a lot of features that simply don’t exist on Android because of rich-text messages and features that are integrated within the Apple ecosystem that you can’t do on other platforms. This includes things like sending full-sized videos because they’re using data instead of the SMS system. Sometimes if you send messages from an iPhone to an Android phone it’ll shrink the video or the image. That sort of thing you don’t have on iMessage, because it’s using data. You can also have other things going on like having little animations play if you want, or having reactions to messages.  It can be a little haha or a thumbs-up or whatever. You can’t do that between platforms. Another feature of iMessage is that you can sync messages between iOS devices, you can sync all your text messaging stuff on your iPhone with your iPad and you will be able to respond to them from the iPad. So really the iPad is kind of a clone.

Built-in Screen Recorder

The native screen recording on iPhone, you might not have realized this but there is actually an ability to record the screen on iPhone built-in. You have to enable this through the control otherwise it’s kind of hidden but when you do. It simply starts a countdown and then starts recording whatever is on your screen and saves it in your videos. If you want to do this on Android you have to download a separate app there are plenty of apps that can do it but none of them are native and it’s just a little bit more convenient to have it built into the operating system

Apple Pay

The ability to send money with Apple cash through iMessage, so assume that two people have an iPhone and the most up-to-date version of iOS. You can actually use your Apple cash account, using Apple pay and send money directly to someone, kind of like you would with PayPal. It uses native apple software so you might trust it a little bit more than using a third party.

Consistent Updates

This I think is one of the really important advantages of iOS over Android and that is the consistent immediately available upgrades for the OS. With Android you know there are so many different manufacturers they all have their different skins of Android so whenever there’s a new major release of Android you don’t get that right away on your Android phone you might not get it at all depending on how the older phone is and depending on the manufacturer you wait on the manufacturer to release it. But with iOS as long as your phone is not like ancient you can upgrade your phone the day it’s released by Apple and you know it’s going to work completely fine because Apple does so much testing there are so many fewer phones to test it on that you know any update is probably not going to break the phone and if there are any issues usually Apple is very quick to release patches to it and you know you’re going to be able to get the patch as fast as you had gotten the original update so again the feature is that you know you can always get the latest version of the OS and you can get it right away.


FaceTime yes another native feature with iPhone that cannot be achieved on Android without third-party apps like duo, but with FaceTime I’m sure this is super popular doesn’t really need to be explained it’s pretty much the same deal with iMessage. If someone else has an iPhone it’s incredibly easy to just do a FaceTime with them it’s all built-in. Whereas if you want to do this on Android you have to tell them oh go download the duo app which is made by Google, it’s the closest thing you can get to FaceTime but as far as I know, they don’t build that into the operating system which they should and that would be amazing especially if there was some sort of cross-compatibility they could develop but that’s not the case yet.


Not used too often but it’s very cool,  it’s the ability to really easily and natively send files, images whatever to someone else who has an iPhone, even if they’re not necessarily in your contacts list you do it right through Bluetooth. As it uses this airdrop interface you don’t have to worry about connecting through Bluetooth. If someone’s not in your contact list you simply enable airdrop for everyone to receive from then select a photo or video that you want to send to someone, click send through airdrop you find their device on the list send it to them immediately. If you don’t want to give them your number but you still want to receive the item then you can do that whereas on Android there’s not really any equivalent to this.

WiFi Password Sharing

A small feature it’s relatively new also but still very cool and that is the ability to very easily share Wi-Fi passwords with someone who wants to connect your Wi-Fi without having to actually give them the Wi-Fi password so what happens is assuming both people have the latest version of iOS if you’re connected to your home Wi-Fi and then someone else with an iOS device tries to connect to that Wi-Fi network that you’re already connected to and you both have Bluetooth on then it will pop up on your phone that someone wants to connect to the same Wi-Fi network as you and are you willing to share that password with their device. which is really convenient instead of having to like go to the router and look up the bottom of the router to see the complicated passcode if you haven’t changed it and it’s just a pain whereas this way you don’t even have to know the password you just send it to them and they’re good to go.

Easy Back and Restore

Backup and restore that actually works and is very simple. With Android, every single one of the manufacturers has a different backup, restore, and upgrade path that you have to take. If you’re upgrading from one version of a phone to another they all have their different software, that you have to go through the process of transfer your data from one phone to the other and it barely works half the time even on stock Android. They store some stuff in the cloud with Android but it’s mostly just literally a list of the apps you had installed but all the app data is gone. Whereas on iOS everything is stored on the iCloud and especially even more so if you do a manual backup locally with it encrypted. It’ll even store your passwords and stuff for you like, your email so you don’t have to type in any passwords again when you restore your phone and do an upgrade it makes upgrades incredibly easy. It’s like the same exact phone you don’t have to change anything it’s literally like a mirror image. That is not the case with Android and that’s one of the big things I think Google has to improve with Android. Backup and restore simply is crap on Android it’s amazing in iOS and it really is such a big thing

Customer Service

This is not really a feature directly with the iPhone but the fact that the Apple Store exists and so if you have a problem with your iPhone particularly if it’s under warranty is really when you get the advantage of it. You can actually have a place to physically take your phone and talk to a real person and get help. With Android it’s created by Google and Google does not give a crap about customers. They never have, they have zero customer service. iPhone and Apple at least kind of pretend to care right, if it’s under warranty.

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