The Most Fascinating Features of the all new Android 11

In the past few years, Google has been releasing new Android versions step by step. The first developer preview version of Android 9/10 was released in March of that year for App developers to adapt. Google released the preview version of Android 11 on February 19th. Here are some new features of Android 11 in advance. The beta version of Android 11 is available to install on Pixel devices. However, if you like to use your phone, don’t install it on your main device as there will be a lot of glitches.

Chat bubbles

In fact, in the Android 10 beta, there was already a hint of chat bubbles, but when the final version was released. Its traces were nowhere to be found. Now, the Android 11 beta version has seen it again, and the function is very powerful. In the Android 11 beta, the chat bubble is global. Any message, chat application can use the bubble dialog box, and even mail can be used.

It is worth mentioning that it also has a quick reply function. When the mobile phone receives a new message. There is no need to open the entire application, and you can quickly reply by opening the bubble box.


Android 11 also brings a new “dedicated conversation section” in the shadow of mobile notifications. Through this new feature of Android 11, You will be able to carry out continuous conversations with cross-application messages. Just like multi-person chat, you can separately reply to each application. This has the advantage that no matter what you are doing, you can easily keep in touch with your contacts. However, it feels a little redundant, which is somewhat duplicated with the global chat bubble.

Send image from notification

If the App supports image copy/paste. You can directly insert screenshots or copied pictures and send them along with the message without opening the full application. In addition, the Android 11 will also support cross-platform copy and paste of the chrome browser.

Better App permissions

One of the most important features of Android 10 is that it improves the handling of application permissions. Android 11 has made greater progress on this basis. Specifically, it is now possible to grant certain permissions to the App at one time. If the App requests to obtain sensitive permissions such as location, camera, microphone, etc. It can be temporarily granted. When the App is exited, the permissions obtained will be revoked, and the permission still needs to be re-approved next time. Personally, this function is very good.

Automatically mute when recording

Many people have encountered that when recording a video or taking a photo with a mobile phone. Sudden messages, especially those with sound, will disrupt the video being recorded. In order to prevent this from happening again, Android 11 introduces a new mechanism, when the camera is turned on. It can automatically mute the vibration in ringtones, alarms, and notifications to avoid affecting mobile phone shooting.

Support digital certificates

Now, credit cards, access control cards, boarding passes, etc. can all be stored on mobile phones in the form of digital passwords. But ID cards, driver’s licenses, and other certificates will still be restricted. But in the Google Wallet of Android 11, measures are being taken to digitize these things. In the next step, the operating system will support the secure storage and retrieval of sensitive ID documents.

New biometric level

Android 11 supports three different authenticator types (including strong authenticator, weak and device credential), and raises the level of BiometricPrompt. This means that a finer level of biometric security is very helpful for protecting the privacy of mobile phones. Google has also improved the biometric prompts so that it can be seamlessly integrated with applications and has a better interactive UI to cooperate with it.

Prepare for 5G

2021 should be the year of 5G popularization. Android 11 has also made some preparations for 5G. In addition to optimizing the 5G experience, it also adds a dynamic metering API and a bandwidth estimation API. The former can check whether the mobile phone has an unlimited speed Local 5G network. (if it is, it will automatically switch to higher-resolution video and picture access channels to be able to make full use of the speed). the latter can check the 5G download and upload speed.

Optimize the display for waterdrop screen, curved screen, etc.

Google has expanded its support for various screen designs. Not only optimizing the display of special-shaped screens such as digging screens and water drop screens. But also adding optimization to curved screens to prevent accidental touches on the edges of curved screens. This is good news for flagships with curved screens such as Mi 10 Pro and vivo NEX3.

Other new features of Android 11

  • Automatic dark mode switching·
  • Pixel 4’s new motion-sensing gestures can play or pause music·
  • Pixel 4’s “Increased Touch Sensitivity” setting for screen saver·
  • Turning on the airplane mode will no longer disconnect the Bluetooth audio connection.·
  • A new screenshot user interface that is hidden, but it is not enabled (or fully functional) by default.

The above are the main new features of the Android 11.

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