Twitter’s Trending Topics Section Will Be More Explanatory In Forthcoming Updates.

Twitter has indicated it’s interest in releasing a feature that aid users of the app in understanding trending topics.

In a blog post addressing the above, the company announced the news reading “Trends show what everyone is talking about right now. But too often, we look at one word or phrase trending on Twitter and ask, “why is this trending?” That question was actually Tweeted over half a million times over the last year! It should be easier to understand what’s being said immediately.”

Twitter also states that the pinned tweets will be decided by a combination of algorithms and human assistance and the descriptions will be entirely on human assistance. Algorithms will aid in reducing spams, abusive or insulting tweets from being pinned to a trending topic.

According to the blog post, the new feature is designed to help the users who tweeted “why is this trending? In 2019. The trending topics section in the app is designed to explain to users what bots or users are currently talking about or why a particular trend is currently “trending”. It just tends to confuse some users because the tweets are sometimes different.

Usually, hashtags are used on the app to show trending topics and some users misuse these hashtags for various reasons.

Recently, the app’s trending section has been accused of helping the spread of misinformation. NBC News notes that in the past pro-Saudi Arabia talking points have trended thanks to help from bot accounts. Hashtags related to QAnon conspiracy theories have also appeared in the section although twitter has since said it will ban these from being highlighted as trending topics. Getting topics to trend on Twitter can help a message spread online, making the section a battleground for malicious actions.

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