Tech-In-Health(Part 2): What has technology Done In Healthcare So Far?

The advancement in technology has been overwhelmingly exponential, and it is a fact that the more advanced technology gets, the faster and further the next advancement. And that is why it is important to grasp the concept and merge it with existing health and healthcare methods. TechSyrub already gave a brief intro to the possible and obvious collaboration between healthcare and technology.

healthcare technology

However, in this second part of the series, we want to discuss the relevance and application of technology in healthcare services so far. Various aspects like Artificial Intelligence, Virtual and Augmented Reality, Trackers and Sensors, Nanotechnology, Robotics, 3D-Printing, and many other aspects.

Let’s look at a few of these applications:

  • AtomWise Company uses Artificial Intelligent Supercomputers to derive therapies from a database of molecular and atomic structures, cool right? In 2015, the start-up was able to perform a virtual search for safe and existing medicines that could be restructured to treat Ebola. To our amazement, the computer’s AI was able to find 2 drugs predicted to reduce Ebola infectivity by 30%.
  • Googles’s DeepMind created an A.I. to analyze breast cancer, it outperformed all the human radiologists identifying breast cancer with pre-selected data sets by 11.5%!
  • Immersive Touch has used VR(Virtual Reality) to help pregnant women to relieve them of labor pain by just distracting them with the virtual world.
  • Osso VR also uses VR to teach students and practicing Surgeons to work practice surgeries in a virtual world!
  • Microsoft Hololens has been used widely as a tool to perform Anatomical studies without using real human bodies!
  • Products like Apple’s iWatch, Fitness + app,  Fitbit Ionic, Polar H10 are used to track fitness, workout routines making it easy to understand and monitor your status and even your sleep too.
  • Max Planck Institute, in 2014, developed a nano-device like a smart pill that swims in our body-fluid and can be controlled and give responses to a smartphone!

There are many more mind-blowing applications of technology, And we will keep exploring these collaborations in the next 3 parts of this series and streamline the focus to Nigerian Technological solutions to healthcare.

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