Linked Stories: Instagram and Facebook.

Facebook has enabled a soon to be released feature/update for some users of the app. A few users have noticed recently that watching Instagram stories from the Facebook app itself is possible.

Cross-posting is now allowed; cross-posting refers to being able to post and view stories on the apps owned by Facebook, interchangeably.
It would be easy for a user to differentiate between viewing a story on Facebook and viewing a story on Instagram because the colours vary.

The story icon on Facebook is blue-coloured while the Instagram story icon is either pink or orange and as such, users can tell the difference easily.

Facebook’s indicated that nothing changes about who can view your stories; Instagram followers who have linked their Facebook account will receive notification about the new option. Even at that, they have to “set it up” for it to be in motion in their settings. A statement reads “People on Facebook who don’t follow you on Instagram can’t see your story,”, it explains everything.

A digital and social media consultant, Matt Navarra confirmed with a spokesperson for Facebook. According to him, it’s a “limited test” and Facebook is expecting feedback. The spokesperson noted that the feature “respects all existing privacy settings” and said Instagram users have the option to keep their stories off of Facebook altogether if they wish.

This feature will be a step forward for Facebook after the company announced its intention to merge Facebook messenger and Instagram chat. Since WhatsApp is also a subsidiary of Facebook, it would not be confusing if WhatsApp joins too.

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