Ultra-Wideband: A New Revolution ✨

The new Samsung Galaxy Note 20 Ultra launches on the 21st of August and it encompasses a whole lot of upgrades. And as expected from Samsung, the upgrades include: 5G support, a better processor and a triple-lens camera.

There is literally a new upgrade though, if it works as expected, it could open up a new technological advancement in smartphones; Ultra-wideband. Ultra-wideband (UWB) enables smartphones awareness, which allows smartphones or devices have better understanding of their environment.

iPhone 11 also has some sort of UWB technology in it. The new U1 chip which is part of the phone’s processor “adds another sense” to your iPhone, Apple claims.

The upgrade could aid users of these phones in finding lost items and also help share pictures easily. But over the long term, it could serve as an important foundational technology that may set the stage for newer features and use cases, such as powering new augmented reality apps that require more precise location awareness.

It could help control nearby appliances in your home buy directing your smartphone rather than launching the app.
Just like Bluetooth and WiFi, UWB is a wireless short-range communication protocol. It’s not exactly new as the technology has existed for a long time but it’s been used by the military, mostly for trade publication.

Samsung and Apple are using UWB as a tool for sharing files more easily.
In the near term, Apple and Samsung are positioning UWB as a tool for sharing files more easily. “So if you want to share a file with someone using AirDrop, just point your iPhone at theirs and they’ll be first on the list.”, according to Apple.

Samsung on the other hand, when unveiling the Galaxy Note 20, showed how UWB could be used to share files with nearby share, Google’s Android equivalent to Airdrop. SmartThings Find Service helps users find lost items with your phone and as such, “it’ll use UWB and augmented reality to pinpoint an item’s exact location in a room”, the company said.

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