Cryptocurrencies have become an integral part of our modern-day life and people often tend to get lost in the excess varieties of digital currencies that are available in the digital market. The most influential and well-known cryptocurrency is still the Bitcoin and with the substantial breakthrough of Ethereum in recent years, it has ensured that Ethereum also becomes very much sought after. However, Ripple is increasingly gaining recognition and popularity among cryptocurrency fans and investors around the globe. The Ripple Cryptocurrency is an open payment system in beta. Its goal is to allow people to break free from financial institutions like banks, credit card companies, and other networks that enforce fees and foster delays.

As per the market size and capital, Ripple is the third-largest cryptocurrency, sitting just behind Bitcoin and Ethereum. According to data from crypto compare, around 19:05 UTC on Saturday(August 1, 2020), Ripple(XRP) broke through the $0.2900 resistance level for the first time in over five months on its way to an intraday high of $0.2905. Currently, XRP is trading at $0.2916(#120), up 14% against USD in the past 24 hour period which makes it the highest percentage gainer in USD among the top 20 crypto assets by market cap.

With this recent landmark, XRP holders have been delighted to see XRP in top gainers list in the past 24 hour period.all these and many more have made Ripple XRP seem more entrancing. Within the last few months Warren Buffet invested 1.7billion dollars into BOA(Bank of America), BOA is an ancient solution of string value through fiat currency known as the US dollar. This should give room for the thought that something huge is coming, directly the entire piece wouldn’t fit, but logically it makes more sense. Warren bought a large share in BOA and it is one the largest bank that opened a lid on XRP partnership last April 2020.

The digital Dollar is on standby.

The digital Yuan is on standby

The digital Pound is on standby.

XRP and cryptocurrency as a whole could as well be on its way to being the most important and greatest tech of our lifetime. Ripple is not just another cryptocurrency but built as a payment system, it aims to eliminate the delay and exorbitant charges or fees by banks credit card companies. in fact, more than one-third of the world’s largest banks use ripple to make transactions.

With Ripple you can let your worries lay by, A coin with no utility will easily be manipulated but a coin with a real-world use case and over 350 actual partnerships and corporate customers can’t be, besides based on digital currency investors research, cryptocurrency moves in a four-year cycle with the halving, we are now in the take-off year in XRP, expect to see at least an $8 XRP minimum. It might not be a bad time to hop on the XRP spaceship as recent records and digital charts have shown that XRP might be about to trigger the greatest bull run man has ever experienced.

Always bear in mind that in cryptocurrency, with volatility comes opportunity, it might not be as esoteric as you might have deemed it to be. However, in all endeavors there are risks, be ready to take risks.



  1. Pls how does this work and how do you get involve in it… I have being hearing of crytocurrency but I don’t really understand the basics of it. Moreso, get involve in it… I will really appreciate it if you can work me through the details… Thanks.

    1. Download TrustWallet or Luno Wallet on your phone, then DM us on @TechSyrub on twitter for more info if you have issues using it, but it should be quite simple

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