Microsoft Word Now Allows “Transcription”

Microsoft has released an update that aids users in “transcribing” lectures and phone calls. The recent feature allows users or suscribers upload an already existing audio for transcription or record a live conversation while using Microsoft Word.

The feature can deduce if various people are speaking during a conversation and create a transcript of what is being said.
The feature is called “Transcribe” and it is available on the web version of the app and only Microsoft 365 suscribers can access it.

Other apps have long since released this feature in their various apps including Apple and Google’s Voice to text features. This feature helps students write and read easier. Google released its voice to text feature last year and it can perform live, although it can’t identify different speakers yet.
Although Microsoft Word has released this update a little late when in comparison with other voice related Apps, Microsoft already has a Dictate function which lets suscribers type sentences by speaking.

With the feature in Word, the transcript appears with the word document, which allows you to continue typing and creating your document. You’ll be able to take quotes from various sources in the transcript or just add the while transcript in your work if you want.
Word’s only allowing a five-hour time per month for uploaded recordings and a 200 MB file for each recording although there’s no limit for recording audios directly.

In a blog by Microsoft, it read that the transcription features will be available on Word Mobile by the end of the year and it’d support languages asides English. It also didn’t specify when the feature would arrive on desktop apps for Windows.

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