LG Unveils Air Purifying Masks.

On Thursday, LG announced officially, the unveiling of it’s new portable air purifier which can be worn as or like a face mask.

The mask which is called “The PuriCare Wearable Air Purifier” uses a pair of filters which can be replaced and has common traits with what you’d find in LG’s collection of air purifiers for household use. They are paired with battery-powered fans that aid in breathing. The company says that the device detects when you’re engaging in the breathing process and as such, it adjusts its speed accordingly.

In the announcement, it doesn’t state directly or refer to the corona virus pandemic but it implies that the mask was created in response to it. The company says the air purifier is created to replace the “inconsistent” homemade masks worn by some people, as well as the disposable masks that it says have been in short supply.

LG made an announcement about the mask in July 2020. The announcement read that the company would be donating about 2,000 of the purifier to a university in Seoul. Sources also read that an executive of the company said he hoped it would help medical staff “amid the pandemic”. They hoped it would make it easier for medical staff to wear a mask for hours at a time.

However, it should be noted that the company’s statement does not make any claim regarding the mask as an avenue for slowing the spread of the virus. LG’s announcement does not give a precise time on when the mask will be released or how much it will cost but sources say that it will be available in the fourth quarter of the year in “select markets”.

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