Instagram’s QR Code Feature

A few days ago, Instagram announced that it was updating the app into allowing QR codes. Users of the app will now be able to generate QR codes that will be scanned from any third-party camera apps. This feature was first launched last year, in Japan.

Business owned accounts on Instagram can now be accessed easily as the QR codes can be printed anywhere and customers can scan them for easy access.
Click on the settings icon on your profile and tap QR code to generate your QR code. It’s possible that “Nametag” would show instead but it’ll eventually change to the QR code.

Previously, Instagram released the “Nametag” feature which is closely related to the QR codes. The only difference is the codes have to be scanned on the Instagram app only. With the incoming feature of the QR code, the “Nametag” feature will now depreciate as both business owned accounts and individual owned accounts can use the “QR feature”.

With Instagram adding features relating to the Zoom and Tiktok apps, it is not surprising that they’d release this feature as other apps like Twitter, Facebook, Snapchat and Spotify have the QR Feature and they’re every day apps.

Instead of leaving out physical menus, places like restaurants and eateries have begun leaving QR codes. In fact, some business websites require customers to scan their QR codes before being able to have full access. This just explains that QR codes will outdate the “Nametag” because it makes everything easier as users will no longer need to open the Instagram app to use this feature.

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