Google Meet: TV Video Conferencing Feature

Getting to hold or attend meetings using your phones or laptops isn’t bad but getting to do that with the television at home can be even better.

Google Meet has added Chromecast so as to allow you hold or attend meetings in the exact, accurate, sweet comfort of your home. On the Chromecast support forum, a post read, “Earlier this year, we launched Google Meet on Nest Hub Max, and it just felt right to expand Meet to even more screens in your home,”

“We recognize that many schools are moving to distance/remote learning, and we wanted to support this new learning environment for teachers and students,” It continued. “Meet on Chromecast will let you host or join meetings giving you the opportunity to connect with classmates, collaborate on projects, and even attend lectures.”

When using the “feature” with your Tv, you will be receiving your video and audio feed directly from your computer, so it is advisable to look at the camera a few times, occasionally so as to avoid looking weird or unprofessional.

According to Google, “performances may vary” depending on the supported Chromecast models. To cast your Google Meet to the TV, open the meeting in Chrome and you should see a “cast this meeting” option, which is accessible both before and during a meeting.

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