Files By Google: An Update

The app, Files by Google is an app that provides users an easy way of accessing and managing files. It aids in the easy accessibility of unwanted files that’s accumulated in phones. This application is only available on Android phones and it’s recently gotten an additional update that secures private folders. The folder locks after a user moves on to another app and it can only be opened when Files by Google is used.

According to Google, the feature is mainly designed to help people who share Android devices, which it says is common for women in many parts of the world. Safe Folders keep vital files like identity documents safe and secure from accidental deletion or sharing by children, for instance. It could also help anyone who wants to keep any “sensitive photos” private.

AndroidPolice warns that transferring a file into your secure folder means that it disappears from different file browsers and gallery apps, therefore take care you don’t delete or uninstall the Files app or clear its app data to avoid losing your public files fully. This also goes for forgetting your PIN.

Last year, Microsoft added an analogous secure folder to OneDrive known as “Personal Vault.” along side PIN protection, you’ll conjointly secure files in your Personal Vault using biometric security like fingerprint or facial authentication, or a two-factor authentication (2FA) code. Microsoft’s implementation also allows you to shield documents within the cloud, whereas Google’s is on-device solely.

Google says the Safe Folder feature rolled out in the beta version on the 5th, and AndroidPolice notes that it’s appearing in version 1.0.323 of the Files by Google app. Google says the app now has over 150 million monthly active users worldwide.

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