Facebook; Merging Its Messaging Apps

Sources read that Facebook’s been planning to merge it’s messaging apps into one app for a while now, merge in the “chat” sense. It’s most popular apps include; WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook, of course.

The Company has recently proven to be working on this update as users of Instagram are now being notified to to join their accounts with Facebook Messenger, which brings chats and features from Messenger to Instagram. “There’s a new way to message on Instagram,” says the message showing the icons of the two Facebook apps, read the message.

The update also includes some of the previously instilled options on Facebook Messenger and Instagram; reactions with emojis, colourful chats and replying single messages. While TheVerge notes that Instagram doesn’t offer this Features even if you accept the update to your account, we should expect this update because it is likely to be enabled in the next few days.

An update like this would be great because users with just one of the messaging apps would be able to connect with other users on other different messaging apps. CEO of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg has revealed that he wants the app/system to be end to end encrypted.

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