WhatsApp Barcode Update

WhatsApp has yet again brought forth an update that will most definitely make communication easy, easier than before! WhatsApp’s latest beta version lets you add contacts by scanning the contact’s QR code.

It is available in beta on both iOS and Android, can be found in the app’s settings menu, where there are options to display your own code, as well as to scan other people’s. This means that the feature has not been released for the desktop version of WhatsApp.

Having to add contacts may or may not be stressful depending on various individuals, as such, the recent feature does make communicating with people easier. While it could be a pain considering that people have to first add a contact to their phonebook before clicking on the refresh icon to find the contact, QR codes are a much more convenient way of adding someone if you’re with them in person, although it won’t make the process too much easier if you’re doing it online.

Although the feature is currently available in beta, there’s no word on when we might see it come to the desktop version of the app. To get started, tap the ‘QR’ icon in Settings. Due to the update, connecting to business brands or owners has been made easier so connect away!

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