Relevant skills in Technology (part 4): Psychology and Human Behavior

Welcome to the fourth part of our relevan skills in tech series. This is part 4 of 5 and I hope that we have been enlightened so far. Today we’ll be discussing a very tricky one, having a skill in psychology and human behavior. Such a hectic one, right?

Now this is a very interesting one because psychology is often excluded from the list of core disciplines responsible for scientific and technological progress. However, this is a very big mistake if we really take a moment to think about it. Psychology as a skill or discipline is essential in various ways, should we talk about its indirect contributions to education and learning in science and technology? Or how it relatively helps in deciding or developing the best ideas needed to alleviate major problems in the world through technological innovations? It helps to decide the next big thing people need.

Technological solutions to a large-scale problem routinely fail when they do not consider how people interact and behave in different contexts. The failures can be dramatic as with Three-Mile Island, Chernobyl. Even when projects do not fail outrightly, quality, productivity, and efficiency can often be substantially improved by considering human capacities and behavior. understanding the way human beings think or what makes them behave the way they do is a very good skill to possess in the technology industry

All in all psychological knowledge is essential to scientific and technological innovation. Technology requires the use of human operators, and understanding human capacities and limits is essential for implementing technological advances.

Having that bit of skill,you really can find yourself at very good spots in the tech world. Human relations, networking, communicating and aspects like machine learning, med-tech, e.t.c, will all seem quite effortless to you.

Come to think of it how do you build an artificial intelligence system if you don’t understand how humans actually work.

That’s it for today, we’ll be here again tomorrow for the last part of the Relevant Skills in Tech series.

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