Relevant Skills In Tech(finale): SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION

Okay Guys, Part 5 of 5 Relevant Skills in Technology. Of course, this series is incomplete without discussing SEO. The true tool for creating awareness and gaining an online presence for your skill or company. SEO stands for “search engine optimization.” It is the process of getting traffic from the “free,” “organic,” “editorial” or “natural” search results on search engines.

This doesn’t even require much thought, if you are skilled as a search engine optimization expert, you could as well partially call yourself a ‘techie’ already. Originally, search engine optimization professionals often come from a variety of backgrounds. some are programmers, some entrepreneurs, some traditional marketers, some journalists, some even used to be rappers, a bit amusing isn’t it?.

It all goes to further prove that all SEO professionals have diverse skills which is a very much sought after trait in the world of tech. These skills will be the major boost for your career in technology. Your ability to think critically as an SEO expert which includes having an analytical mind that’s capable of differentiating correlation and causation generally makes you a hot cake in the industry.

Ideally, it is expected of you as an SEO expert to be flexible at writing and speaking, now I’m not talking about writing just articles like this one or speaking at conferences though. Being able to convince internal teams and clients to do the right thing and that comes from speaking at meetings and writing decks, case studies, POVs, etc. All of those encompass speaking and writing skills which all come to good use in tech.

Definitely, your already established technical knowledge also provides the ability to make your life easier – whether it’s writing a quick Python script to automatically add hreflang to your XML sitemap or a PHP-based web form to automatically create backlinks for you.

 Finally, To excel in tech these days you have to have the internal drive that forces you to keep learning. Whether it’s a new programming language, a new framework (WordPress, React, Angular, etc), a new search engine standard like Schema or AMP, or understanding machine learning, there’s always something to learn. Don’t feel completely relaxed with your already attained skills.

I personally learned a lot from creating this information throughout this week and I am glad because I’m sure you would have learned a thing or two from these series of posts. Keep Visiting TechSyrub for original and informative gist on Tech.

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