What You Do That Ruins Your Phone Charger

Being the gadget freak I think I am, I tend to get pissed off when something bad happens or begins to happen to any of my “babies”. Gadgets refer to my phone, earpiece, charger, power bank and so on. I’ve had my phone for almost a year now and I thought we understood each other, I mean, he does know me but recent behaviours have made me ask questions like “do I really know my baby?”. People tend to care for their phone batteries a lot and it is not completely bad, only that we forget a vital “baby” that even allows the battery survive, “The Charger”. In light of the recent fight between my charger and I, I was forced to go research about chargers and so, I decided to share the stuff I learnt with y’all because I’m a kind individual.

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I think it is okay to love our batteries but our chargers should be important also because smartphones are effectively useless without their chargers, and I mean the “follow-come”, original chargers. If you run out of a smartphone charger, you know how it feels. Here are a few tips on how to care for your chargers:

  • Always unplug by the head: Always remove the charger from the head, not by the cable. Never try to unplug the charger by grabbing its cable. Doing it often will eventually damage the charger. It may seem to be okay initially but over time it loses the connection and damage the cord.
  • Keep Chargers away from Water sources: Keep the charger dry i.e. keep away from water sources. Places like Bathroom, kitchen, balcony and the areas where any kind of water can be found.
  • Keep under certain temperature: Either its hot or cold, extreme temperatures may damage battery chargers. Leaving the battery chargers in direct sunlight or hot areas as well as in cold areas may damage the chargers. Keep them at safe places.
  • Keep USB cable separate from the head: Nowadays, smartphone especially Androids come with a separate USB cable and a power adapter. So, when not in use, disconnect the USB cable from the charger head. Keeping the USB cables plugged in can damage if folded haphazardly from the head side.
  • Make use of a surge protector: due to weird voltage which could be high or low when power is restored, you never know when an electrical surge might hit. Make sure you use a surge protector to save the chargers from voltages fluctuations. Also, if the surge protector is bad enough, try to replace it with a better one.

Whew, I honestly got lost after number one😅, funny since I say I’m such a gadget enthusiast. Anyways, it feels like I can finally rekindle the relationship between my phone and I after I get a new charger. Sad as it sounds, I need to let go of the current one so as to move forward and be happy. I do hope these tips have helped you, one way or another. Please take good care of your chargers so you’d avoid being disturbed 💓♥️❣️💖.

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