MTN Launches its 5G Network, Next Week

MTN South Africa will commence its plans for its 5G network next week, becoming the first of the telecommunications group’s 22 operations to launch the next-generation broadband technology. The company is hosting a live event on its YouTube channel on 30 June, it said on Wednesday, 24th of June.

The event will be hosted by CEO Godfrey Motsa, chief consumer officer Mapula Bodibe and chief technology & information officer Giovanni Chiarelli.

At the beginning of the month, MTN began announcing that it would launch 5G networks in major cities across South Africa. The exact locations for these launches have not been disclosed.

Initially, MTN had been expecting to launch their 5G networks at the start of June, however, according to Business Insider, it experienced issues and “delays in bringing some equipment into the country.”

Rival Vodacom South Africa launched a commercial 5G network in May, though with limited coverage for now. The company has also confirmed that, like Vodacom, it will be using the emergency spectrum allocated by the government to provide 5G services. It is important to note that operators will only get access to the emergency spectrum till November, and MTN has of yet not announced any 5G services not running on the spectrum.

This is not certain when this innovation will be allowed in Nigeria.

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