itel P36 Series- The Best Smartphone Solution ForPower Wahala

There are 101 things (to put it mildly) that can cause frustration but having an annoying and unreliable smartphone is number one on that list of things.  

This frustration is commonplace. From being stuck in traffic and being unable to use your smartphone because the battery is dead, to not being able to charge your phone regularly because of inconstant electricity, it’s very easy to get frustrated. And in some instances, the worries come as a direct statement – “I shouldn’t have purchased this phone.”

Not to worry, the itel P36 series is here to save the day. 

Armed with a 5000mAh big and efficient battery with an upgraded AI Power Master, the series is the latest addition to itel Mobile’s catalogue of affordable and reliable smartphones for everyone.  

The power of “10”. 

With 10 minutes charging, you get to enjoy one-hour battery lifeto make phone calls. This means more talk power just when you need it. Start bidding power wahala goodbye. 

Another power fact. 

The series requires just three hours and twenty-five minutes to get to full charge. This is a departure and improvement on what was obtainable in the past – seven hours, fifty minutes. With one full charge, you’re empowered with a three-day battery life that suits normal usage needs – music, videos, and more. 

Also, you get to enjoy a 6.5” HD+ Waterdrop Fullscreen for impressive viewing experiences and a dust-proof 8.6mm slim unibody design. Don’t even get us started on the unique coloursthe devices come in- gradient deep blue, blue, and gradient purple. 

Power meets speed. 

The 4G LTE feature on itel P36 Pro LTE makes the device a perfect combination of power and speed. You don’t just get a big battery smartphone, you also get fast internet connectivity with itel P36 Pro. I mean, is this cool or what? 

The itel P36 series is available this June at amazing prices – N33,500 for itel P36 and N43,500 for itel P36 Pro LTE.

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