iTel Mobile introduces itelTV, Earpods and other smartphone accessories.

iTel Mobile is a telecommunication brand that is known for delivering budget friendly smartphones satisfying customers wants at a cut budget price.

On the 6th of June, 2020, iTel launched its newest series, the itel P36 series. In their press release, itel announced the new beginning as they introduced the consumer electronics extension which includes products like the itelTV, Bluetooth Earpods, Power banks and other smartphone accessories.

iTel has not officially given any spec or detailed information about these accessories but we believe that it is going to be a mind-blowing innovation. Especially with the Earpods. It will be an outstanding breakthrough to get something similar to the Airpods at a very cheaper rate, with battery life up to 18 hours.

10000mAh and still super slim, now that’s something we don’t see every day and with a 2.1A fast charging feature. It’s no doubt that iTel’s new consumer electronics extension is out to take the low budget smartphone and their accessories to a whole new level

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