How to properly clean your smartphone’s tempered glass screen.

Generally, the practice of grabbing a kitchen paper towel or any form of toilet paper at all to wipe our phones is not all that proper. It is always better to use soft cotton clothes.

That said,

Here’s how to properly clean your smartphone:

1. Get a very soft and smooth cotton clothes and firstly wipe the phone but mildly.

2. Get a non-abrasive cleanser, a simple glass-cleanser, screen cleaner or an equal part of equal dish soap and water will do, dip the soft cotton cloth into the cleanser and squeeze off excess. DO NOT APPLY CLEANSER DIRECTLY TO YOUR PHONE!.

3. Use the damp cloth to rub dirt off the screen and body of your phone.

4. Get a dry soft clothe again and dry the phone.

To avoid being tempted to use any harmful material for your phone, get a small piece of clothe and keep it with you all times.


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