Here’s how to properly take care of your Smartphone.

Let me guess what’s going through your mind right now. You are probably wondering, “I could just get a screen protector(screen guard) and my phone’s screen is protected.” I also thought so last year, in 2019 B.C.(Before Corona). LOL!

The fact remains that we have way more responsibility in the protection of our phones than just buying a screen protector. In this article, I will take you through different routines that can help you keep a cleaner, safer, protected and scratch-free smartphone.

Let’s deal with our bad habits first;

Clean your phone Everyday!

Quick question, how often do you clean your phone? Whatever your answer was, if it wasn’t everyday, you are absolutely doing it wrongly. Our phones are so delicate that they must be treated with so much attention. Apart from reducing the risk of getting contaminated by germs from your phone, you also get your phone protected from those ugly scratches on the screen and the body too.

Note that our phones are made from tempered glass, so make sure you learn how to properly clean tempered glass screen.


Your smartphone are built for your fingers, not your finger nails!

Avoid wiping the screen with your nails. This is a ubiquitous habit but in doing so, your nails scratch the screen. Touchscreens are for fingers only.

CORRECT                                                               WRONG


Keep your touchscreen phone away from direct exposure under sunlight.

Prolonged exposure to the sun’s rays can easily cause damage to the phone, thereby disturbing a thin layer of liquid gel, which forms a layer over the phone. The next time you are in your car, remember to keep your phone in a place where there is no direct sunlight, or when you are at the beach you can simply get a sunshade for yourself and for your phone too!

With innovations like Flipshades, you can protect your screen from direct sunlight when you need to use it on the go and it’s a  sunny day!

Now we are at the section of getting extra accessories to improve the protection of your smart phone.

What do you think would be the first on this list? Screen protectors? No, not really. First up, we have;

Phone Cases

Yes, I mean, why not? If we decide to go by order of importance, getting phone cases would still come up first. You’ll see why in a second. Phone cases are not only built for the beautification of our smartphones but majorly to offer an all-round protection. Yes, ALL-ROUND, including the screen.

Good phone cases are built to have a design that supports a phone from damage especially from a fall. We can be very clumsy at times and things tend to drop from our hands unconsciously. Hence, good phone cases at the instance of a fall tries to distribute the fall impact to the ridges of the cases. This is just some physics stuff that we don’t need to dive into, you can make more research about it if you wish. Sure it adds a few more grams to the net-weight of the phone but its worth it for the extra protection.

With the advancements in technology, many companies have come up with strong and reliable bumper cases for almost every model of the major phone manufacturers. This is because of the increased need and demand for the phone bumper cases. To attract more customers, these bumper cases manufacturing companies have started to make the cases more attractive and stylish, so a mobile phone user doesn’t feel that his/her phone will look bad after installing a bumper case. Some of the cases are so well designed that phones look better with them on.

There are several varieties of phone cases that you can opt for; There are super strong cases which, of course, are heavier but gives a 360o-protection. And there are super light cases that are quite protective too.

Check for different Types of Phone cases that you will actually enjoy.

Use of tempered glass screen protectors

The use of screen protectors is, of course, a great way to protect your smartphone from the damage caused to its screen when you drop it is through the use of tempered glass screen protectors. While you can also get plastic screen protectors, I recommend you to use only tempered glass screen protectors. Plastic screen protectors can only prevent your phone screen from the nominal scratches. When it comes to absorbing the shock of a drop from a reasonable height, plastic screen protectors will not be able to do the job. In that case, tempered glass screen protectors will come on top and reduce the maximum damage caused by the drop.

Even if you find the plastic screen protectors better when it comes to the usability of your phone, we would recommend you to go for the tempered glass screen protectors. The only reason is that protecting the screen of your phone is the most important thing. Especially because it will cost you a lot when you have to repair or replace the cracked screen. Glass protectors also feel like the original screen because it allows you to glide your finger through it smoothly, especially in smartphones that have Gorilla Glass screens.


The Next two options provide extra grip for your smartphone to prevent frequent falling;

Use of Pop Sockets

In the recent times, pop sockets have proven to be a great tool to hold your phone more firmly and strongly. Pop sockets will surely reduce the risk of you dropping your phone, especially while texting or taking a selfie. Pop sockets are plastic contraptions that are attached to the back of your phone. They have a circular base, a flexible stem, and a stylish disc. You can use either one or two fingers to grip the pop socket attached to your phone, and you will instantly feel a much better grip and hold on your phone. Users of pop sockets have shared their great experiences of using them on a daily basis.

It is indeed one of the top selling phone accessory nowadays. Many celebrities are seen using pop sockets on their phones. So apart from the extra grip and protection, it is used for the style and fashion purposes as well. Another advantage of using a pop socket is that you can easily function your phone with only one hand. So if you are someone who finds it difficult to use your phone with one hand and has to use two hands to function your phone properly, pop sockets are surely recommended for you.

So why do we recommend using Pop Sockets? The main reason is the grip that it provides which will eventually lead to fewer drops of your phone. Fewer chances of a drop mean you will not be cracking the screen of your phone now and then.

Use of a Skin for extra grip

While the majority of the top smartphone manufacturers are shifting towards the inclusion of glass back on their phones, some of their models are becoming more slippery and not so comfortable and easy to hold. One of the best ways to add more grip to your phone is through adding a skin on your phone. Skins have proved to be very useful when it comes to adding extra grip to your phone.

Many brands have come up with great quality skins for the majority of cell phones. Apart from making your phone look very stylish by adding a skin, you will feel more comfortable and easy while holding your phone. These skin brands have also included the option of customizing the skin as per your likings. For example, you can choose to have the image of your favorite football team, favorite player, a favorite character or even an image of yourself. Sounds great, right?

It surely adds flair to your phone and people have been found to use skins more often in the recent times. So enough said about the enhancements in looks that skin will bring to your phone. The reason we are recommending you to apply a skin on your phone is for the extra grip that it will provide you. Eventually, it will lead to you to not dropping your phone more often and cracking your screen. It is another cost-effective method which can save the screen of your phone and prevent you from paying extra money for a broken screen repair.


As long as you can combine all these recommendations flawlessly, you are in for the best, smoothest and long-lasting smartphone screen experience!

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