Samsung Galaxy Note 10 Ditches Headphone Jack

Samsung executives have long poked fun at rivals for ditching the headphone jack in smartphones.The Samsung Galaxy Note 10, announced Wednesday, squeezes in more battery power and other goodies, but at the cost of the familiar old jack.Samsung, which for years has pushed bigger and bigger displays, is also introducing a smaller version of the Note for those who think phones have just gotten too big.The main model is being called the Samsung Galaxy Note 10+ and will have a display measuring 6.8 inches diagonally.Though the display is bigger, the overall size is about the same as last year’s 6.4-inch Note 9.Samsung made no references to the headphone jack during its 70-minute announcement event in New York.Samsung is including wired headphones that plug into the phone’s USB-C data and charging port.Apple and Google also have ditched the standard headphone jack.Beyond that, the Note 10 phones introduce new stylus features, including the ability to flip through music and photo libraries by gesturing with the stylus in the air.The collaboration includes giving Note users the ability to receive and respond to text messages and take phone calls from a Windows computer.Click here to read more.

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