Galaxy A30 Review: An N80,000 Beauty.

I’ve got the A30 one of Samsung’s mid-range device in the A-series and if you haven’t watched my review, you can do so below:

Anyway, one of the things that struck me about the A30 is the build:

This uses a plastic build, but it actually comes with a glossy polycarbonate finish that gives it a premium look, one thing I noticed about the A30 is that once you put on the flashlight, the back of the device actually glows in the dark.

Still on the back, you have the dual camera set up and led flash,

And in front, you have the notch which can’t be hidden in the settings, there’s also no notification led because Samsung is sticking with the always-on display that is found on most of their flagship devices:

Moving to the power-on test, and it took me 30 seconds long to power on this device, but that aside if I had to pick just one favorite feature on the A30, it’ll definitely be the display — the A30 comes with a 6.5 inch FHD display, it is a super AMOLED display that is really amazing to look at, the display also comes with side and top bezels that are almost non existent but it does have a little bit of a chin giving the A30 a screen to body ratio of about 84%.

Now, Samsung is sticking with the “One UI” on the A30 along with the Android pie which gives you a minimalistic experience. I didn’t notice any form of clutter whatsoever while using the device, along with that, Samsung has also integrated a couple of features, for example, you can customize the navigation bar, color temperature, and also enable night mode which completely gives the A30 a different look. However, I don’t like how huge the icons look:

In addition to that, you get face-unlock which works just fine, although it can be a tad bit slow.

Moving on to the performance and this uses an octa-core Exynos 7904 chip coupled with 4GBs of ram, now for a bit of perspective, the chip on the A30 is almost equivalent to the Snapdragon 660 chip. Anyway, this is definitely not the fastest midrange device I have used because I noticed a couple of frame drops while playing intensive games like PUBG. However, for the average users, the hardware does work well and doesn’t really present glaring performance issues, I also noticed that it does get warm especially on this part of the device

Switching to the camera, and the pictures taken with the A30 look good, I like how punchy they look especially in good lighting conditions.

In low light condition, I noticed a lot of noise and color issues with the picture:

You also get an ultra wide-angle camera that only works well with plenty of lights, but in my opinion, the quality is definitely not as good as the main camera.

You also don’t get video stabilization on this thing, but there is the portrait camera that does a really good job:

Moving on to the battery performance, and this comes with 4000mAh battery which was quite okay, I was able to use it throughout the day of moderate to slightly heavy use but when you use it extensively, you get about 6 hours to 7 hours of screen on time.

Charging is also fast provided you use the bundled charger, but one thing that was a little bit of a bummer for me though was the audio, now the audio on the A30 wasn’t exactly loud but it delivered a decent output. On the bright side, there’s a built-in Dolby Atmos which puts that earphone jack to better use.

So, the Galaxy A30 is a pretty good device especially for the price segment it is sitting in, of course, it has also got a few shortcomings so let me know in the comment box if the shortcomings are something you can let go 

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