Twitter To Remove Tweets That Dehumanize Religious Groups

Twitter is announcing updates to its policies today to address hateful language directed at religious groups, which is a significant change in how the platform moderates against hate speech.

The policy will go into effect starting today, with moderation practices immediately updated to enforce the new rules. If the new policy is successful, Twitter said it could apply a similar standard to other protected groups of people in the future.

Last year, Twitter put out a call for people to help rewrite its dehumanization policies, initially proposing a policy against dehumanizing “identifiable groups,” in general.

The company received 8,000 responses from people in over 30 countries in the wake of the proposal, with much of the feedback suggesting that this category was too broad, and smaller groups needed to be defined. As a result, Twitter is testing out the policy with a ban on the dehumanization of religious groups, in particular.

The new policy lays out specific examples of content targeting members of religious groups that should be removed if reported.

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