Another payment app, Hollaport, enters Nigeria’s mobile space

Nigeria’s mobile application market was recently bolstered with the introduction of a payment and messaging app called Hollaport. HUAWEI Y6 Prime 2019 – A Fusion of Technology and Aesthetics, Launches in Nigeria.

The app came amidst a growing number of mobile applications tailored towards solving myriads of Nigeria’s intractable problems and is described as having the capability to ease financial transactions and speed up inclusion in the sector. Group Executive Director of Bua Group, Kabir Rabiu, owner of the app, said: “Hollaport will evolve into an expanded platform with added features that will make it exciting and extremely convenient to transfer money and make payments not only in Nigeria but in Africa. “Hollaport is a multi-layered messaging and financial technology platform on which people can send and receive money using their phone contacts.

Other features on the app include airtime top-up; cable, electricity and data subscriptions, and paycode – a technology that enables withdrawals from ATMs without a card or bank account.” Also, Hollaport General Manager, Michael Olowojesiku, said: “Despite the simple user-interface, Hollaport is packed with features such as media functionalities where users can send photos, videos, and documents. They can request or send money within the chat area for a seamless experience and can also pay bills, utilities and make subscriptions.”

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