Phantom 9: Tecno AI camera phone updates user with object’s info

Device maker, Tecno has bolstered its phantom smartphone series with Phantom 9 specification. The new device is said to come with an array of enhanced features that bring a whole new dimension to the smartphone experience. One of these is the Artificial Intelligence, AI triple camera feature which enables a user to take totally immersive wide-angle photographs of landscapes, cityscapes, and indoor architecture without breaking a sweat.

Digital Marketing Trends To Be On The Look Out In The Future(Opens in a new browser tab) Managing Director of Tecno and VP, Transsion Holdings, owners of the brand, Mr. Stephen Ha, at the launch of the new device, said it has been in the pipeline for a while. He added that “with the AI triple camera plus other wonderful features, we are proud to say that it was worth the wait. Photography enthusiasts and business professionals will find it a great addition to their work and entertainment toolbox.” The AI triple camera feature on the device has a 16 megapixel, two-megapixel and eight-megapixel specifications on the main camera, which makes wide-angle photography possible. These camera specifications also make it possible for the smartphone to take clear close-up shots.


The camera feature comes equipped with Google lens which helps the smartphone do smart identification of objects as soon as they come into the view of the camera. It automatically shows all relevant information on the object, a new dimension to smartphone photography.

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