From Taxify to Bolt: Who Picks These Names?

The name Taxify as we know it is no more! Instead, say hi to Bolt!

The company announced the name change on Thursday and quickly updated its apps to show “Bolt -Taxify.”

I am guessing the inclusion of Taxify is to ensure users don’t get confused, at least for the time being.

So, how are people reacting to this news?

Recall how the Internet reacted when Piggybank rebranded to PiggyVest? Well, we have a similar situation with Bolt:

/2) Because of this, we are rebranding to take on a new name, one which encompasses our future.

Our new name Bolt, stands for fast, effortless movement- exactly what you deserve.#TaxifyGoesBolt

However, in its defence, the company said that it had “started to outgrow” its brand and wanted to highlight that it is not all about cars, which makes a lot of sense, especially when you consider how using the word ‘Taxi’ could be limiting in the grand scheme of things, and by that, I mean, the future of Transport tech.

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