Would You Buy Xiaomi’s Foldable Phone?

When it comes to foldable phones, the first brand that comes to mind is Samsung
However, it looks like Xiaomi might showing a strong interest.

Today, Xiaomi’s President, Lin Bin, shared a hands-on video of its first foldable phone:
At first glance, the prototype device looks like a bezel-less tablet:
But if you keep watching for a bit, you’d see how the sides of the phone were folded to make it look like a sleek phone.
This approach — folding both sides— is somehow different from Samsung’s which can be opened like a book to access its foldable 7.3-inch display
For now, no other details have been shared regarding Xiaomi’s foldable concept, but Xiaomi is already asking their fans what the name of the foldable phone lineup should be.
Until we get more details, does this look like something you can buy in 2019?
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