Let me start by saying I like Android phones, I like the myriad of software and hardware customization options. The knowledge that a slew of such mini-supercomputers that are making life easier are churned out daily by OEMs is quite fascinating. There is absolutely no limit to what we can do with them and how better they can get. 
While some of these devices have compelling cameras that can make you go from a 2 to 10 beauty-wise, beautiful aesthetics that make you want to just raise them for the world to see and strong batteries that make you glued to them all day long, I must admit, when friends and family ask me what phone to buy, I tend to quickly recommend an itel smartphone over any other Android device. 

It’s simple. I get a fantastically priced bargain for headline-grabbing flagships that ticks off the right boxes in long-last battery capacity, amazing camera, facial recognition system, fingerprint sensor and speedy processors over its counterparts in the noisy Android market, that might keep someone like me or you awake at night, lamenting what could have been achieved with the hundreds of thousands of naira you just put down to purchase these counterparts. The first time I got my itel P32 smartphone, I remember my friend called the phone “ pretty much perfect”. 
Well, maybe not in all its entirety, but…
There is an absolute unique user experience you get when you use an itel smartphone, perhaps these reasons that I had to discover by myself could help you change ship the next time you want to upgrade to go the itel route.
For starters, You won’t have to break the bank to enjoy the latest smartphone technology: itel Mobile has a great track record of pumping out high-quality mid-range smartphones for everyone that are reliable and trendy at a budget-friendly price tag. As a user, you get almost the same package with a high-end smartphone, at an affordable price. For excellent Instagram snaps, you get a 4in1 Big Pixel technology + 13MP on itel Selfies series smartphones that enables crystal-clear photos in low light and brightly lit scenarios. The smartphone also offers a full HD screen display and better build quality. 
Besides, You never have to worry about your smartphone running out of juice. I use the itel P32, and I can proudly say I enjoy 48 hours of uninterrupted smartphone usage all day on just one single charge. With an itel phone, you leave the power bank and phone charger at home compared to other Android phones that were gotten for so much money but carry around a dead-beat battery. 
Trust me, you don’t want to be caught up in that mess.  Less I forget, the ease of use. Itel smartphones are user-friendly with an OS interface that is intuitive, clean and easy to use.
This might not be for everyone, but for someone who is fully interested in getting excellent value for money when it comes to tech, itel smartphones are truly the best plug. All summed up, I believe Itel mobile has found a way to integrate into our lives to make us productive by creating best in class smartphones for everyone.
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