When you think of the average Nigerian, what do you see? 
Perhaps, a resilient Giant with patriotic fervor, maximizing his potentials and abilities in a tasking environment, with eyes focused on the prize of becoming a viable force to be reckoned with in the society. You see a youthful soul irrespective of the age, and a trendsetter in fashion, culture, and enterprise, on which the strong foundation the Nigerian spirit emerges.  
In a diversified economy like Nigeria, it is not surprising that every day new brands emerge with a business strategy spun around creating top-notch products to cater to the needs of consumers despite the overflooded competitive space. Through numerous advertising, PR and digital marketing schemes, persuasive information on their products are forced in the public eye. Ads pop up every minute, marketers put on a very convincing show in malls just to get a trial of their products, the process is exhausting, sometimes we just need these brands to take a breather. 
But, it is not every day you also get to see brands in an African market space get rooted in the culture of its consumers, carefully carve a niche for themselves, amass a genuine target audience whilst constantly trying to discover ways to expand their reach into the lives of these people beyond their products. You would find such outstanding examples in brands like MTN, Dangote, itel Mobile etc., as they have proven to possess what it takes to flourish in the African terrain.
Since spreading its tentacles to African countries especially Nigeria in 2008, itel Mobile’s brand value and perception have always been aligned with the Nigerian spirit – resilience, consistency, and youthfulness. The Hi-innovative tech brand only came with one mission- to empower Nigeria’s economy by creating smartphones for everyone through best in class products that are reliable, trendy and affordable. itel Mobile is an encompassment of a unique brand development scheme, high-quality products that enjoy huge popularity within Africa, consistent improvement & more improvement as it cannot be overemphasized.
For a brand that is committed to reigniting the Nigerian spirit in every campaign embarked on, itel Mobile has contributed immensely to Nigerian communities, through an initiative tagged “itel Love always on” that addresses issues such as health infrastructures, Education, fight against hunger and poverty. A vivid example is the nationwide CSR extended to children through the donation of educational materials to support the aspirations of the younger generations.
Also, the moment when itel Mobile felicitated with its consumers to feel a little boost of nationalistic pride by creating an ambiance of patriotism in all retail stores across Nigeria on independence day in 2018. 
itel Mobile has reaffirmed the notion that they are not only a business-oriented organization with the duty of providing smartphones for everyone but also committed to communal development & giving back to society in many ways. Beyond the product, it is a brand that mirrors the resilience of the Nigerian spirit. It sees the struggles of the people and embarks on creating solutions to keep hope alive. 
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