Yes, we understand you love your phone, it’s undeniable that we all have developed a love affair with this little gadget that has made life easier in terms of communication and connection. But please, can some of us use it smartly?

The evolution of technology in Nigeria has brought in an influx of trendy, affordable and reliable smartphones flooding the Nigerian mobile market to the delight of everyone that desires to be a part of this mobile trend. As smartphone usage among Nigerians is growing, so are trendy slangs, languages, beliefs, and habits, some of which are annoying.
In no particular order, here are 5 annoying habits that drive most of us crazy about smartphones and the people that love and use them.

#1. The zombie texters: 
Raise your hands if you have ever had someone run into you or a car almost hit you on the road. First, you think it was your fault for not being alert,  then,  you realize it’s not, as the person has a phone awkwardly pressed to their ears or hands while walking or driving. 

This is all shades of wrong! Get a headset in case you have to make urgent calls while driving and if you are taking a walk, kindly put the smartphone away.

#2. The loud phone talkers:
 It is very disruptive, distracting and annoying when you make a phone call in a confined space and you talk loudly or rather shout without putting those around you into consideration.

Smartphone etiquette suggests that if you make or pick a call in a restricted area, leave the room, finish your conversation quietly and return to your seat. This unruly behavior is not accepted anywhere except in the market.

#3. The flash masters:
 I think when flashing was invented, the intent behind it was to help those without airtime alert the person at the other end of the phone to call back especially if it’s urgent. But then, some people have mastered the art of ending calls at 0.00 seconds, an annoying habit to really put an end to. They will never call you even if they have the so call airtime. Daris God o.

#4. The supposed-cinema assistance:
  Imagine this: you’re in the cinema, finally here to watch one of the most highly-anticipated movies of the season. Pop-corn, check. Drinks, check. Comfy seat, check. The movie starts and half-way in, probably a suspense-filled scene is on when all of a sudden, in the darkroom, someone’s phone light is illuminating the whole room because he or she is texting or even worse making a phone call right in the middle of the movie. C’mon!

#5. The I beta pass my neighbor with 4 different phones:
Are we not all guilty of this particular habit, flaunting not one, not two, but three to four different smartphones in the name of having multiple sims because of inadequacies from telecom providers. We get it. However, why not get a premium quality smartphone with dual sim compartments that check off the right boxes in camera quality, long-lasting battery, speedy processor, and security-enhanced feature like the itel P32. You can thank me later for this information and the device only sells at a retail price of N23,500. Talk about avoiding an annoying smartphone habit.
Do you want to add to the list of annoying smartphone habits? Kindly share but first don’t forget to visit retail and online stores to purchase the battery- monster smartphone, itel P32 – a sure guide to avoid all these annoying habits.

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