What is your favorite smartphone right now? 
Whatever it is, I bet it caught your attention right away with its outstanding technological embodiment, when you entered that store to purchase it.
From full-screen display to notch screen to artificial intelligence to fingerprint sensor, the desire to bring something different and technologically inclined ultimately led to the ultra-cool mobile trends that we were excited about in 2018.
You have got to agree that this year was pretty intense, with smartphone brands battling for supremacy of flagship devices – a battle that left tech-savvy individuals like you and I thrilled, as we all couldn’t wait to get a hold of the latest innovative device in town. 
First, it started with Samsung taking an early lead with its Slow-Mo pride, S9, then its rival Apple released iPhone XS and XS max. Meanwhile, Huawei stormed the market with a triple-camera smartphone, P20, but Chinese phone maker, TECNO beat them all in the market to the launch of a 24MP camera phone, CAMON X and X pro.
However, 2018 was also a year to shine for other OEMs who changed the way we look at flagship smartphones, showing us that we need not spend up to N50,000 on a phone before getting the best performance. An outstanding one is itel Mobile that stormed the market with itel P32, a battery monster device that doesn’t cost a fortune amongst other smartphones that are of relatively high quality. 
No doubt, there was a cut-throat competition for smartphones in Nigeria in 2018. Even in the over-saturated space, here is a recap of the top smartphones we loved this year:
Samsung Galaxy S9: The S9 is definitely one Android phone you would love to flaunt.  Not only for its magnificent design and build but for its slow-Mo feature that has reinvented taking fun pictures for us.
iPhone XS:  Many years ago, Apple had an advertising campaign that said, “ if you don’t have an iPhone, you don’t have an iPhone”. This, in 2018 holds true for the iPhone XS. This device offered new improved features that give a near-perfect and seamless consumer experience.
Huawei P20: Huawei decided to storm with a jaw-dropping, not one, not two but three front camera smartphone and oh! did we fall deeply in love with this stunning device. The unique triple camera design with 68 megapixels worth of shooting power takes some fantastic shots with a low light mode along with other stellar specs.
itel P32: As the electricity supply in this part of the world keeps getting worse by the day and there is constant need to charge our phones in order not to run out of juice when taking pictures, watching videos, playing games and so on, Africa’s mobile giant, itel Mobile decided to surprise us with an enormous battery smartphone, the itel P32. What do we love about this phone? It has a super big battery, very affordable, quite trendy and highly reliable.
Did we miss out on your best smartphone for the year? we’ll let us know in the comment section, but for worth is worth, these are the smartphones that played a big game in the camera capabilities, affordability, strong battery and trendiness this year. 
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