Three reasons why itel smartphones are selling incredibly in Nigeria

It’s safe to say the ride for one of Africa’s biggest smartphone brand itel- is rather a phenomenal one, recording tremendous growth over the years. Nine years ago, consumers may have not heard of the brand, itel Mobile.
Today, it is one of the largest smartphone manufacturers in Africa by market share and sales volume and has definitely established a firm presence in the affordable and mid-price range by introducing multiple models in the category that are reliable and trendy. Indeed, the growth is remarkable and commendable.
itel smartphones are remarkable in a lot of ways, and their selfie camera and battery life are arguably the best around. Most Nigerians, either students, workers or artisans own an itel phone, compared to other competitors within the smartphone space they play in, such as fero, Gionee, and Tambo. Wondering how this Chinese mobile brand has taken over the Nigerian smartphone market, here are three valid reasons why:
1. Affordable phones without compromising on quality:

If you are looking for the best budget-friendly Android phones available in 2018 today, then you are welcome to pick from itel’s line-up of phone models. They carry the premium build of a flagship but without the massive price tag. You can always get an itel smartphone less than N25,000 with the superb camera sensor, long-lasting battery life, and speedy processors that offers compelling value for money used in purchasing it, such as the itel P32, itel S13, itel S33 amongst others.
2. Incredible battery life on smartphones:

It can be quite frustrating when you get a new phone only to discover after three weeks of using it, that it runs out of battery percentage quickly. What good is the use of an expensive phone when you can’t enjoy using the apps and features because of a wobbly battery build? Interestingly, the case is different from itel smartphones. Their devices can go 3 days on 1 single charge, giving an uninterrupted smartphone usage. For example, the itel P32 with a big battery of 3000mAH

3. Smartphone for everyone in mind:
Coming into the Nigerian market over a decade ago, itel Mobile had one unique strategy in mind; to empower everyone with seamless communication devices that are reliable, affordable, and trendy. The phone brand has succeeded in creating phones to cater to different needs and preferences. For selfie lovers and photography enthusiasts, you can purchase a premium phone from itel’s Selfie series portfolio. For those in transit in need of a lasting battery life, there are the itel power series smartphones. lastly, for those in need of a simple android phone, there is the itel’s Android series. There is simply smartphone for everyone.

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