As funny and witty this sounds, it still holds a large weight of truth. This is a struggle we come across in our daily usage of smartphones, especially when we make a poor decision of buying a phone with low-quality battery life in a situation where a constant supply of electricity is not so constant after all. It’s get more frustrating when you have 20% battery left and the shaking charger helps you discharge it to 5%.

Although, there are a plethora of mobile phones churned out on a daily basis to address situations like this, one smartphone maker that readily comes to mind when it comes to quality battery technology, trendy, affordable and reliable devices is itel Mobile.
So it came as no surprise when the mobile phone giant decided to launch a battery monster smartphone-itel P32 to the delight of its loyal fans and tech savvy individuals. If you are ready to say goodbye to the emotional frustration that comes with using smartphones with redundant batteries, then say hello to the itel P32:

The recently released itel P32 might be a mid-range smartphone, but it is also a phone with an enormous 4000mAH battery inside, which would make it last 3 days on 1 full charge without the fear of no electricity or a shaking charger. This only means you can you can conveniently enjoy up to 24hrs of gaming, 30hrs video playback, 35hrs call-time and 200hrs music playback. 
Besides the big battery life, the device also comes with the latest and greatest specs available:  5.5” IPS 18:9 full screen display, 8.8mm ultra-slim body, dual rear cameras, 1GB RAM and 8GB ROM, multi-functional fingerprint sensor and Android 8.1(Go edition).
There are long-lasting phones and there is itel P32. This is a smartphone for everyone with enough qualities like durability, good power consumption management and affordability to be impressed with. For more information, check

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