Smartphones – don’t you just love these 21st century magic formed in a thin framework that has us fitting the capacity of a computer into our pockets? they help us communicate, we get the first-hand information of happenings around the globe in just one swipe, taking pictures for fun up to professional standard, watching videos, live streaming and playing games on these devices is a whole new level of immersive fun – until the battery drains out.
Battery capacity is one of the major priorities we all look at before getting any smartphone. The frustration and annoyance that comes with running out of battery with no power outlet to charge it up is unimaginable; no wonder we might easily believe any little information we’re told about smartphone batteries. Well, time for myth check; let’s find out which of this battery information is true or false:

Myth 1: you should let your battery drain completely before you charge it.
No you shouldn’t.  Batteries used to be stupid in those days but not anymore and we have Lithium-Ion rechargeable batteries to thank for that, which do not need to be charged or depleted fully. However when it comes to power cycle, there is a charge cycle (the number of times you can charge up to 100 percent and run down to 0 percent). That’s why it’s important to always charge which is contrary to this myth.
Myth 2: closing apps and switching off data improves battery life.
Wrong! Instead trying to restart or close the apps drain more battery juice because it will require more CPU resources and hence, more battery. What you can do is to turn off features that are draining the battery life, like data calls or notifications in the background.
Myth 3: charging through a laptop will damage the battery

Again wrong! There is no damage being done here even if you’re using a car charger port, however the charging will be slow and nothing more.
Notwithstanding, here are two power saving tips for an uninterrupted smartphone experience:
1. Use the extra power saving mode on your phone
2. Make sure your operating system is up to date. Now there is the Android 8.1(Go edition) that performs excellently in power management
3. There is definitely a smartphone for everyone; so get yourself an itel P32, one of the best battery smartphone in the market. It has a massive 4000mAH battery capacity, runs on Android 8.1 with quality dual rear cameras for clear artistic shots amongst other features.
Surely one OEM that readily comes to mind as it concerns excellent and long-lasting battery life is itel Mobile. The brand is not relenting in releasing trendy, reliable and affordable smartphones and they definitely put all this battery myths to check. Visit any retail and online store across the country to purchase the perfect battery smartphone for you, itel P32 at an affordable price.

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