If you’ve recently shopped for an affordable smartphone, you will realize how less challenging that could be. The mobile market is fiercely competitive with the likes of Xiaomi, Gionee, TECNO, itel, Fero and others churning out every quarter top-of-the-line smartphones without the top-of-the-line prices, all in a bid to claim the top as the number 1 smartphone maker.

With OEMs saving consumers who don’t have the luxury of purchasing fancy phones by making more affordable phones without compromising on quality, consumers have been able to streamline their search to specific features which would deliver substantial value to them, like – does the smartphone have the best camera quality? Is the battery life strong to go days without charging? How vibrant is the display with color reproduction? How many gigabyte is the internal storage?
According to a research from Counterpoint’s Market search, global smartphone shipments declined 3% annually in Q1 2018 while brands like Nokia, itel, TECNO, Xiaomi led the charts in the fastest growing mobile phone category with the largest smartphone shipment and share.

For a smartphone brand like itel Mobile, this is tremendous growth and is also a commendable feat, coming from a brand that strategically penetrated the Nigerian smartphone market only a decade ago.

In the first quarter of 2018, itel stood at third position with 13% market share in the global feature phone market. That would be itel’s first time of topping the chart as one of the top 10 smartphones across the globe, as the smartphone shipments grew over 200% in Q1 2018. Fast forward to the end of Q3 2018, a recent August report from Euromonitor International, based on mobile phones in Nigeria has reflected that itel Mobile surpassed Samsung, Nokia and Huawei to hold the second position in retail volume with a market share of 25.8%, – a commendable feat to crown the brand’s efforts in becoming a top market leader in 2018.

The fact is itel Mobile steals the spotlight every time, especially when it comes to the budget department. The company does an exceptional job in making smartphones for everyone by putting out phones with good quality, reliability, trendiness and performance at an affordable price point.
Well, the success story didn’t happen overnight. itel Mobile came into the market with a mission to empower consumers with seamless communication with a mantra of providing smartphones for everyone. In 2016, itel sold a milestone of 50 million devices, to become the top mobile brand in Africa. Reports gathered revealed that in 2017, itel reached an exponential growth with sales volume reaching a landmark of 80 million devices, making it a well-known brand with a historical highest brand awareness of 83.3%.

The previous quarters between 2017 and 2018 was no difference. A plethora of flagship devices were released by the brand, each with the goal of standing out in providing mobile solutions to consumers – such as long-lasting battery life with itel P32, building a selfie-nation with more powerful megapixel with the itel S13 among a host of others.
It is strongly believed that the reason for itel’s success and dominance is their ability to understand the major needs of African consumers. They focus on delivering continued value to itel users and pioneer new technologies that offers newer mobile solutions to consumers and that why itel Mobile remains the most reliable budget smartphone brand in this battle, and will definitely weather the storm.

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