Phone review: All hail the selfie budget smartphone kings

Let’s be honest; smartphones have become an integral part of our lives, so much so that we can’t go a day without swiping our phones just to catch up with the rest of the world. But truth be told, in a world that is evolving, global economy that is constantly fluctuating and the smartphone ecosystem becoming fiercely competitive with high end and expensive flagships being launched almost every quarter, not everyone will be able to afford the likes of a Samsung S9, iPhone Xs or Huawei P20. These phones practically cost a plot of land in certain areas; so expensive. For selfie lovers and camera enthusiasts, sometimes all they want is a good smartphone that can take crystal-clear shots without having to break the bank to purchase it. What happens when you can’t afford it?
In the past, purchasing a budget smartphone was rather frowned at than applauded, due to perception of the devices having bad cameras, poor build, and wacky battery life. 
However, in recent times, we have seen budget smartphones do better or even more than the top-end devices, ticking of the right boxes in performance and functionality. 
Topping the charts in budget-friendly category are major contender brands like itel Mobile, Nokia, Fero, Gionee amongst others. Selecting the best isn’t far-fetched, however what makes the best? Its how long they last on a single charge, how much strain you can put on the processor before it starts to break a sweat or how good the camera is and does it exude top quality imagery? There are a lot of intriguing stuff going on in the world of budget phones. Here’s is a highlight of 3 best budget selfie smartphone brands that you can count on to consistently deliver top quality devices with powerful cameras at a low price in Nigeria:

Coming up on Africa’s brand magazine as the 16th most admired brand in Africa, you can always count on this smartphone maker for trendy, reliable yet affordable devices. With itel Mobile there is simply a smartphone for everyone. itel smartphones are fondly noted for their long-lasting battery life and quality cameras. Recently the brand launched a powerful selfie camera for taking clearer and brighter selfies with its 13MP front camera, itel S13.
Leagoo is renowned for bringing your taste in an iPhone to a classy budget smartphone. There models comes with notched displays, moderately good pixels on camera, good processors, long-lasting battery life, and mostly importantly, comes at a cheap price. You can be sure to get a Leagoo smartphone within a range of 15,000- 30,000.
Coming into the smartphone consumer market over a decade ago, this is one brand that have fiercely fought people’s perception of it been nothing but a Chinese smartphone. We have seen TECNO gradually grow to become market leaders with its premium devices but more so, with affordable smartphones. You will always find TECNO staying true to its course of giving users highly efficient but affordable phones like TECNO W4, TECNO SPARK, and TECNO CAMON X. 
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