It’s ok to fall deeply in love with these 3 smartphone features

In today’s smartphone world, the benchmark for what is smart about a flagship has become very fluid.  So when shopping for a new phone, the word on most people’s mind is ‘extra-sure’ when it gets to the exchange of money for a device; for every user it is all about the value, longevity and durability. 
So what are the features to consider in your next smartphone if you want to keep it a little longer in use? These three (3) cool features we’re very sure will tick any day:
Powerful Cameras

Good cameras are must-haves if the smartphone will stand any chance of not getting dumped the next year. Show us an iPhone X owner who wouldn’t want to hold his or her smartphone a little longer? This top-end from Apple made good its camera specs by scaling up to the latest retina HD technology with its rear camera boasting 12MP, f/1.8 with quad-LED tone flash. 
With the new pop culture of taking selfies to capture moments, it is now paramount for every smartphone to come with a stunning selfie-shooter front facing camera. A recent review for smartphones with the best selfie camera showed that itel Mobile’s latest flagship, itel S13 with a 13MP front camera with its innovated 4 in 1 big pixel technology and soft flashlights is the new big thing and the best selfie camera upgrade which gives the user a near DSLR camera control.
Ultra-slim body
Top-end phones have the magical power to keep their body ultra-slim with all that high-end specifications stuffed right in. It feels good holding a polished and refined unibody smartphone that is sleek and slim yet it has a grippy texture that makes it difficult to slip out of hand. The new itel S13 is 8.4mm thin yet stomaching quad-core processor and 1GB RAM/8GB ROM

with an expandable slot up to 32GB.

Adequate security
No one ever likes an intrusion on their privacy, especially when you have files to protect on your smartphone. Thanks to technology, there came the password and patterns to unlock phones. With the evolution of tech, the fingerprint sensor emerged for convenience and optimized security amongst other benefits. Additionally, itel S13 is packed with a customized, convenient, responsive and multi-functional fingerprint sensor. Users can program up to five unique fingerprints for taking photo or video, answering phone call and quick launch apps directly from the lock screen. There is also a gesture key to maximize the full screen experience for users.  
So there you have it. These 3 super-cool features will guarantee an effortless unique smartphone usage experience. 
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