This question will have most of you saying “I can live indefinitely without my smartphone” but then a second thought creeps in real fast; “really can I do that?”
So you reach into your pocket or bag for your phone – and get that immediate shock of panic when – it’s not there. Your brain does a perfect job of overthinking and retracing every step you took before that moment. Your stomach lurches. Your heart races. In this era of social media, it’s even sad that you can’t post your missing phone status on WhatsApp or tweet about your loss. 
The sad truth is we might all literally go crazy for a minute or two when we realize our smartphone is missing or not within our reach. Thoughts like the phone is going off with calls, texts, news alerts and social media notifications every few seconds just keeps crossing your mind.
With the advent of technology and the birth of smartphones, these devices are now likened to babies that need utmost care. With every beep and dings, we are smitten by the reassuring warmth that we still own a device that can connect us to the rest of the world and with every scratch and fall, we are angered at the amount of money that needs to leave our pocket for the repair of such damage. 
Then why are smartphones so indispensable in our lives? 
1. It’s a fast way to talk to special people for as long as you want
Look around you for a second, half of the people you can see are on their smartphones, either chatting or making calls. Why wouldn’t we love smartphones then? These little robots in rectangular shapes enables us to communicate information really fast without having to travel miles apart to do so in person.
2. It’s the perfect escape from boredom
Are you bored? With different apps made available at your fingertips through smartphones, it’s easy to pick up your phone and quick launch apps like Twitter, Instagram to join in on interesting conversations and images that makes you forget your current situation.
3. It’s a portable camera for capturing perfect moments
Gone are the days of carrying DSLR cameras around when you can easily access a camera on your phone. Thanks to trends like selfies, fun moments are not left undocumented.

However, have blissful and fun having a smartphone sounds, it’s becoming a problem when you can’t do any of these things due to low battery capacity. Yes, a charger solves the problem or power bank but hey, why put yourself through all that trouble when you can get a smartphone that can function 72 hours of uninterrupted fun like the itel P32. The itel P32 flaunts an enormous 4000mAH battery that can last 4 days on 1 single charge along with the quality camera, multi-functional fingerprint sensor, Android 8.1(Go edition) amongst other features and it’s affordable.
So when we are still quizzing ourselves about not going too long without a smartphone or not, don’t forget to purchase a premium quality like itel P32. 
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