Apple Will Release Its Own Clear Case for I Phone XR

When Apple announced the iPhone XS and iPhone XR last month, it began selling a range of cases for the XS, including its usual Apple-branded silicone and leather cases.

For the iPhone 5c, Apple had the infamous holey rubber cases, which showed off the color of the unapologetically plastic iPhone 5c it protected with a polkadot grid of circular cutouts.

Rather than trying something more extravagant like the iPhone 5c case design, Apple is keeping it simple, and launching their first ever clear plastic case.

This is a marketing image of what it looks like, per sources: It’s not exactly going to win any awards for design innovation – it’s a pretty standard clear case that allows the color of the phone to shine through from all sides.

There’s not much to distinguish between the Speck and the official Apple case, but the Apple case has the aforementioned open bottom design and is not emblazoned with any third-party logos.

Source – here

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