5 Creative Selfie Ideas to Get You More Likes, Comments and Shares

It is right to say you shouldn’t validate your self-worth based on the likes and comments you get on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter through the snapshots you posted. 
But hey; this is the age of selfies where the biggest currency to get more followers and admirers is by getting a ton of likes on your pictures. Sometimes it is ok to have a little fun and get giggly over people admiring the beauty in your selfies. However it can be quite awkward to upload a selfie/snapshot to social media and have it ignored. A lot of elements goes into being picture perfect, so here are recommended selfie ideas to get you more likes, comments and shares:
1. Check out the lighting: most people make the mistake of taking a selfie by backing the light, not only does it reflects poorly in the picture but it creates a distracting glare and overexposes your selfie. So next time, find good ambient light to illuminate your face without exposing every detail. 
2. Strike flattering poses: strike the wrong pose that doesn’t accentuate your best body features and you have people swiping up to the next post without even clicking the like button. Posture matters. Take selfies from the right angles that shows a clear detail of your profile. You can pop one hip to the side for a slimmer looking waist, or place a hand on the hip for slender looking arms amongst other stunning poses. 
3. Optimize your background: imagine taking a selfie with a background that screams creepy. Background is a very important element in photography, learn to remove unnecessary distraction and clutters that makes the picture output look shabby.
4. Use the right selfie camera smartphone: you can only get all these steps right if you have the most resourceful smartphone in hand. I would recommend the new itel S13, a smartphone built to fulfil a selfie’s lover dream. With a 13MP selfie camera and the new Face Beauty mode 2.0, you get to take not just clear but clearer, brighter and excellent snapshots both in bright and low light conditions.
5. Take selfies using high angles. Remember to take selfies horizontally. Always make use of hashtags to increase chances of you picture getting seen. 
At this point, it’s a no brainer, the preferred device for the absolute best selfies is the itel S13 smartphone. 
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