Selfie nation: your cue to unlock the magic behind every snapshot.

Selfie: It all starts with a tussle of your hair, you extend an arm with a smartphone in hand, strike a breathtaking pose, smile, smize, pout, duck face and the camera shutter makes a sound. Oh nice, you look beautiful in the picture and the image is so clear. Time to post on social media as the likes, comments and shares start rushing in.

Welcome to the world of Selfies; the amazing social trend that has come to stay.
Whether you are in front of a mirror or you’re out at a pizza joint with a bunch of friends or you’re at a family party and you want to remember the moment, selfies always have you covered, relieving the fun moments of life. Thanks to digital photography and smartphones, pretty much everyone has a camera in their pocket, allowing all of us to document our lives in near-real time on social media and if you’re lucky to have a good selfie camera smartphone with the likes of itel S13, S33, then taking stunning selfies wouldn’t be far-fetched.
In a bid to create the ultimate photography experience, Africa’s mobile phone giant and your favorite smartphone brand, itel Mobile is calling on every photography enthusiast, selfie lover and all tech-savvy individuals to be a part of its exciting selfie community known as SELFIE NATION.

The vision is to create an interactive community where photography is the language, selfies is the currency, itel mobile and their products is the service rendered and you are what keeps the nation alive. Be the first to experience the thrills and bubbles of itel selfie smartphones, selfie campaigns, photography masterclass, viral video productions amongst others.
If there is one thing we know, itel mobile never disappoints in delivering a world-class camera experience for users.
Be a part of Selfie nation. Join us. Enjoy.

Watch out for this space. You would be glad you did.
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