Episode 4 of Facebook Saga: Millions of accounts hacked

Among 50 Million Breached FB Accounts are Zuckerberg’s and Sheryl Sanders’

Facebook says the accounts of nearly 50 million users were breached in what was the largest-ever security incident of its kind at the giant social network, delivering another blow to public confidence in the embattled company.

The extent of the massive hack – how much Facebook users’ personal information was compromised – is not yet known. The unidentified attackers did gain access to basic demographic information such as gender, hometown, name or birthday that people include in their Facebook profile.

Facebook says attackers exploited a feature in its code that allowed them to commandeer users’ accounts. Those accounts included Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and his second-in-command, Sheryl Sandberg.

A spike in traffic triggered an internal investigation on Sept. 16. The breach was discovered Tuesday afternoon and the vulnerability was fixed Thursday night, the company said.

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