So we all know that very swiftly, the Wi-Fi tech has taken over and perhaps trampled upon the idea of using Bluetooth to send and receive files, while sending and receiving files got faster and easier, the Wi-Fi technology is greatly not utilized by a wider percentage, many; despite the millions and larger populations of android users in the world don’t even know the powers that this tech wields. Here, I would be showing you ten amazing and exciting things you can do with your Wi-Fi.
Ordinary wi-fi could be used to detect weapons and explosives in public places, according to a study led by the Rutgers University in New Jersey.
Wireless signals can penetrate bags to measure the dimensions of metal objects or estimate the volume of liquids, researchers claim.
Initial tests appeared to show that the system was at least 95% accurate. It could provide a low-cost alternative to airport-style security, researchers said.
The team behind the research tested 15 types of objects and six types of bags.
The wi-fi system had success rates of 99% for recognising dangerous objects, 98% for metal and 95% for liquids.
When objects were wrapped inside bags, the accuracy rate dropped to about 90%.
2. TURN YOUR SMARTPHONE INTO A REMOTE: Familiar with that hilarious scene from Fist Fight of a student turning off the television screen repeatedly while the teacher tried to show them a documentary? It was all made possible due to Wi-Fi connections.
you see, if every device in your house, ranging from bulbs, fans, air conditioner, television, speakers, etc. were connectable or connected to a Wi-Fi connection (Hotspot) you would be able to control them with just a tap of a button, or through voice command: “Ok Google! /Siri, turn on master’s bedroom light”, feels good yeah? And it doesn’t require data connections, just a hotspot, and in some cases, certain apps that helps bring the remote features e.g.: iTunes- controlling Remote app (for IPhone) and G-mote for android users. You virtually don’t need to get off the couch to do anything.
3. STREAM MOVIES TO ANY TV IN THE HOUSE: this is the one act you can use to show off, imagine streaming live on YouTube then you just swipe to go forward and boom, you are watching on your tv screen. All that is needed is that your devices are Wi-Fi enabled and connected to a hotspot; no data involved in movie re-projection.
4. STREAMING SOUNDS TO ANY SPEAKER IN THE HOUSE: very similar to that of streaming movies.
5. SHARING FILES BETWEEN COMPUTERS GOT EASIER: This is one of the easiest way to share files between computer devices, no need to struggle finding a flash or USB drive, just like flash share fast and easy. Dropbox makes it a whole lot easier. For more explanation on this, see: 
6. YOU CAN ALSO USE YOUR DEVICE; PHONE OR PC TO CONTROL CAMERAS: a not so popular innovation yet but cameras are now available that lets you take pictures or videos with ease from a distant, so you can leave your camera somewhere; already set up and wait for the right moment to take a shot. Previously to do so required cables, but now several camera companies have cut the wire. They include: Canon, Nikon, and Sony, all controllable with your phone.
7. WI-FI ALSO MAKES YOU GET THE BEST OF YOUR DRONES: In order to control your drone remotely, wireless waves are needed; modern drones don’t just have radio frequencies but in addition possess Wi-Fi technology. It helps the drone broadcast videos to a computer(s), tablet(s), or smartphone(s), some even allow for control of the device through an app but the disadvantage is that Wi-Fi works on an ultra-high radio frequency which means its range is limited to about 600m (lower frequencies tend to have much greater range than higher ones).
Make the best use of your devices’ Wi-Fi, comfort and class is just a click.
Happy Easter.

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