Itel Set To Launch New ‘selfie-master’ Smartphone

Over time, we have seen rumours and hints about devices by mobile giant itel and although sometimes they don’t come out right, it’s crucial to note that they are not wrong most of the time.

Almost every quarter, we are greeted with brand-new smartphones ranging from from battery kings in the P-series, camera giants in the s-series and the A-series.

Following the trail of smartphones launched by itel mobile over a couple of years, honestly, they deserve some accolades as their smartphones have continually integrated and greatly improved in functionality, performance and value.

Following the launch of the itel A32F and P32 recently, word has it that the company has another upcoming smartphone in the “S” series and we hear this device is going to be a game changer.

Should we be expecting a 20MP selfie camera or the largest storage space any smartphone has had? Nevertheless whatever it is, itel surely has something good up their sleeves.

The most recent device from the S series (itelS12) delivered on both the selfie and the availing the fingerprint at a very affordable price.

We have no doubt that the next device if at all it lies in the S series will deliver even better.

Leaks around the specifications of the upcoming device have been circulating online for some time now, such as a 20MP selfie camera that is tailor made for African, the brand-new face beauty, dual rear camera setup and the device is likely to run on the latest Android 0re0( Go edition ).

Just like some of its predecessors in the S series, the smartphone is likely to come in a big screen size of 5.5” IPS Full Screen Display with a sleeker design.

Although news on the storage capacity is a bit sketchy, we can foresee the next itel S series coming with 8GB storage space or any capacity above that.

We expect not less than 2GB of RAM.

While The Tower Post cannot validate this information at this point of time, we will wait for an official announcement or perhaps launch when the upcoming itel device will be unveiled.

Nevertheless we know when it comes to the delivery of premium specs devices at an affordable price, itel mobile always got it users covered.

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