Google Just Announced The New Android 9 Pie Go Edition

Google’s most used and well-known mobile operating system, Android has always been a more demanding operating system than its competitors, requiring more features and more capable hardware to provide a good user experience. However, now to overcome those limitations Google just announced the new Android 9 Pie Go Edition.

Google Just Announced The New Android 9 Pie Go Edition
Google, in order to try to counter this reality, has launched Android (Go edition) that brings various enhancements and optimizations in various parameters. After its debut in Android 8 Oreo, Google announced the Android 9 Pie with even more news.
Emerging markets, typically with more modest device hardware and specs, are the big target of this Go edition of Android. Standard Android versions are often too cumbersome and demanding for entry-level devices.

Google introduced Android Go edition last year, already being present in two hundred smartphone models in over one hundred and twenty countries. Currently, it is possible to find smartphones with this operating system in smartphones, such as the Nokia 1, Alcatel 1X, LAVA Z50 and much more.
Following what would be expected, Google has announced that it will continue the development of Android Go edition. In addition, the new features that will be present in the Android 9 Pie (Go edition), to be released during the fall of this year were it will be presented.
What does the Android 9 Pie (Go edition) reserve for us?
One of the measures implemented in Android (Go edition) is the amount of space that the operating system itself occupies in the internal storage of the device. While a standard version of Android takes up about 5.5GB, Android 8 Oreo (Go edition) takes only 3GB and the future Android 9 Pie (Go edition) will occupy only 2.5GB. Yes, We are facing a cut of more than 50% without compromising the integrity and basic functioning of the operating system.

On modest devices with little internal storage, 8GB is the example given by the tech giant Google, these savings will have a considerable influence on the versatility of the equipment. With Android (Go edition) you will have plenty of room for your files and to install applications.
In addition to the measures applied in the core of the operating system, Android (Go edition) has a set of applications from Google specially developed for this version.
The Google Go app lets you read web pages aloud, highlighting text that is read in the process. Something more interesting is present in YouTube Go that allows you to download videos for later viewing, even while offline.
The Go Maps will support navigation with turn-by-turn directions, that put it closer to the standard version available on other Android smartphones. The Files Go app will be able to transfer data in a peer-to-peer mode without requiring an Internet connection and speeds up to 490Mbps.
Even the Google Assistant Go is present in this version of Android 9 Pie (Go edition) and will support several languages as well. In addition, the functionality level will now have commands to control the camera, flashlight, reminders, and Bluetooth.

Google’s bid to “attack” the emerging markets is thus reinforced, which could be the entry of many users in the world of smartphones and the consequent abandonment of traditional mobile phones.

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